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Girls Night

Girls Night is the perfect night to network and wear that sexy outfit you have been keeping in your closet. We offer complimentary drinks before class starts. Afterwards we host a heels / floor based choreography by Debii that is broken down step by step, this class will help you own your sensuality & unleash your inner femininity. Owning your sensuality through dance is a great way to express yourself and feel more confident. Wear heels or socks, bring: knee pads and water (knee pads are also available to purchase in class)

We are a judgement free dance company founded by Debora Abreu in January of 2020 with the purpose of bringing people of all dance levels together to a place where you can feel free to be yourself and unleash your sensuality

During one of the worst times in my life, this group has uplifted me with their positivity, boosted my confidence, and allowed me to discover things I never thought I could do.


I used to dance since I was little & still had a passion for it growing up. Unfortunally I steered away from challenging myself in dance because I was scared to look "stupid" & now thanks to my cousin FORCING me to go to one of the classes at confidanca I got to meet these amazing girls! Basically not to make this a long ass story, I encourage you guys to challenge yourself, indulge in something that makes you feel confident, & embrace your sensuality


I moved to Miami a year and a half ago not knowing anyone, and Confidanca has been my dance home ever since. I cannot express how empowering and inspiring these classes are.


Also I just want to say that your dance classes has brought me so much joy and happiness and I appreciate you welcoming me with open arms. You represent a company that no matter what body type you have you can feel sexy, so thank you for starting something so welcoming of everyone!